A heart attack is a silent killer.

Arrhythmia: In this the contraction and expansion of the heart is uncontrolled and the heart rate increases suddenly.

Heart attack: HCM is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ie enlargement of the heart due to some reason.

Heart infection itself. Pulmonary embolism occurs in any of the four heart valves, especially if the aortic valve is narrowed.

Apart from heart disease, sudden death can also occur due to other causes. For example, bleeding in the brain, if a major blood vessel in the heart is torn or ruptured and the neck is sprained.

The diseases mentioned above are usually unpredictable.
If a patient does not die of any disease, the physician should write cardiorespiratory failure secondary to the disease-causing death. No one can comment on who will get the disease when and how. So those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, drinking alcohol, and high blood cholesterol, if someone is suffering from obesity, then these must be controlled under the advice of the doctor.

So far no one has come up with an early warning strategy for heart attacks, but efforts are underway, and success may come one day.

Not everyone dies of a heart attack. Experts believe that it is possible to come back from the door of death due to the modern medical methods of the present age if this disease is diagnosed and treated quickly.

People who are at risk of heart attack should always keep GTN (Sublingual Glycerin Tri Nitrate) gas in their pocket even when out on the road. Any time chest pain starts for any reason, close your mouth with two pressures under the tongue.

Symptoms usually go away within 2-3 minutes. A quick trip to the nearest clinic or hospital is recommended, and even if you can afford it, it’s wise to take someone with you rather than go alone.

Among the factors that can increase the risk of chest pain, the most important factors are overexertion, extremely cold weather, overeating, overexcitement, nightmares, rough sleeping, etc. anginal pain.

Cardiologists prescribe 3-4 types of drugs to such patients and ask them to continue for life. Problems or symptoms may occur even while the medication is on. Then go to an emergency doctor.

Some suggestions or restrictions for heart patients

Avoid smoking. Keep weight under control. Keep the fat content in check. If you have diabetes and high blood pressure, keep it under control. Exercise daily or walk regularly for at least 30 minutes. However, exercise should be done as per the doctor’s advice so that chest pain does not occur. Anything less than the normal amount is just as dangerous as anything more.

Every second after a heart attack decreases your chances of survival. Exercise daily or not – you can have a heart attack at any time.

If that’s not possible, walk for at least 30 minutes five days a week. If that’s not possible, walk 150 minutes a week for your health.

So keep pressure etc. under control to avoid danger. Exercise and manage stress, eat right, and follow your doctor’s advice.

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