Looks like winter has arrived. Little by little the world is covered with ice. And a lot of things. A little cold-cough is killing the health. He can not handle, two days of medicine!

But after that? Even after the cold is gone, there are several things that can slow you down this winter if not taken care of. what kind

Water Life:
Reading textbooks from childhood has become quite boring. But when winter comes, you can feel how true it is. In fact, as the weather becomes drier in winter, our body also becomes drier due to this effect.

Not only the skin gets wrinkled, but the body also dries up from the inside. So if you want to stay well in winter, there is no movement without water inside and outside! Drink several liters of water a day even if you are not thirsty! Otherwise nothing but illness!

Fresh skin in oil:
That being said, it is a matter of knowing what damages the skin in winter! But tell me exactly how the damage was done. In fact, the acid level of the skin decreases during this time. Dries very quickly, and becomes dull. So the only way to keep the skin fresh in winter is to keep it warm with oil. Apply oil regularly before bathing! You will see, the skin is shining even in severe winter!

The harmful effects of winter are most visible on the skin. The skin can be understood by hand. As a result, the skin at this time is already in a very sensitive stage. What if that, rash, or allergy occurs even in the slightest irregularity?
Why not, inexpensive mercury cosmetics are ideal for skin care any time of the year, not just in winter. Winter damage is a little faster, this is what! Also, very mild homemade face-packs can be used to keep the skin soft.

It is rare to find people who do not suffer from foot pain in winter! Winter season brings you some problems. Either the problem of bad breath or the problem of cracked heels. Keep your feet clean to avoid this. Wash your feet thoroughly with soap every day after coming out.
Also, avoid staying barefoot at home to avoid cracked feet in winter. It will not directly chill the feet. Also, massage any cream on your ankles before going to sleep. Finally, wear socks. It will not damage the feet by accumulating dust and sand in the lining of the cream!


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