This is the perfect time to paint the house. A professional painter is needed to paint the whole house. It is a bit risky in this time of pandemic. But the condition of the wall is more deplorable, you can paint it yourself if you want. If other members of the house are with you, the time will be great.

Choose which walls of the house to paint first. Farah Moumita, an architect at architectural firm Metamorphic, says to decide which particular color or theme will be prioritized. A wall can be painted in living room, dining room or common space. You can also choose a wall in your bedroom. Choose colors that match the rest of the walls and furniture in the room. A little inspection can be done on one wall of the room. You can design with bright colors or use many colors on the same wall.

Variation if desired
A comb, a brush or a sponge for cleaning dishes—these simple things will help you paint great designs on the walls of your room. Take your favorite plastic or cardboard and cut the design on it. This patterned paper is called a stencil. Now hold this design against the wall and color it. Even your little child can draw cartoon characters on the walls of his room.

Stick the masking tapes to the wall as you want the design. Then spray paint over the tape or paint with a brush. Remove the masking tape when painting is complete.

If you want to keep family memories on the wall, the easiest way is to make handprints on the wall. Draw your hands and press them against the wall. This handprint will always be on the walls of the house.

Draw a line of your favorite word, quote or poem on the wall of the reading room or bedroom. It can be done very easily. Paint the walls of the room. Then write the preferred word in large size on thick paper and cut out the outline. Then put it on the wall and paint on it.

Illusion Tools has come up with Berger Paint with the ‘Do Yourself’ concept in mind. These include sander machines, designed rollers and stencils, says Syed Sharif Russell, Category Manager, Marketing Division, Berger Paints. The sander machine will act like sandpaper without blowing up dust. For self-painting, he recommends using Robiolac paint and primer.

to warn
First, wear loose clothing. Wear gloves. You can also wear a thick apron.

Prepare everything before painting: Khaled Sarkar
Remove all furniture from the room before painting. If that’s not possible, move them away from the walls and place them in the middle of the room. Cover them completely with plastic wrap or a thick cloth, so as not to spoil the paint.

While painting, the paint falls from the brush onto the floor. To avoid wasting time picking them up, let the floor get paper before painting.

Take down pictures, mirrors, other decorative items on the walls. Remove ceiling fans, bulbs, tube lights from walls and cover them with cloth or paper.

Before painting
First brush the color of your choice on the walls of the room. Before the paint dries, sweep it with a household broom.

If the house was previously painted, rub the paint well with a coarse sandpaper. If you have trouble using sandpaper, use a sander machine. It will not spread dust and fall into eyes and mouth. You can use a cleanser to remove the previous color.

If there are cracks or holes in the wall, first fill them with something like pudding.

Apply primer and let the wall dry before painting. Primer is also called base coat of paint. Several companies of primers are available in the market. Primer helps the paint adhere to the wall better and covers any blemishes on the wall. After rubbing the wall, apply the primer with a brush or roller.

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