The number of dengue cases is increasing daily due to the mosquito-borne disease in hot weather. Diseases such as Chikungunya, Malaria, and Cholera are also spreading. Permanent liability due to mosquitoes. Sprays, coils, and aerosols do not easily repel mosquitoes. Again with me mug chasing our health structure

A study found that if you use a coil for 8 hours, you will absorb the smoke of 140 cigarettes. Which is reminiscent of your heart, lungs, and airways. It requires more knowledge. Provide natural mosquito repellents.

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Use lemon and cloves

About a lemon slice, mash the cloves. Insert the whole clove into the lemon, leaving only the clove heads. Place lemon slices on a plate in the corner of the room. Basically, you can get rid of the mosquito infestation for a few days. This method will eliminate house lice. You can add cloves to the lemon if you want, to have a window tint. Plug mosquitoes will not work.

Uses of Neem Oil

Neem has a special mosquito repellent property. Neem oil is very good for the skin. So you can use neem oil to form an alliance. Apply an equal amount of neem oil and coconut oil on the skin. You will see that mosquitoes will not come near you and the problem of skin irritation and nuisance will also be removed.

Uses of mint

Place 5 to 6 mint leaves in a small glass on the table. Like Danientulsi in Water Journal or Resource Technology, mint also has the ability to bio page mosquitoes every 3 days. Not just mosquitoes, but many types of insects make the house smell minty. Strain mint leaves and boil in water. Give this water vapor to the whole creation. You will see all the maids giving. You can also apply peppermint oil.

Add lemongrass to the tub

Thai Lemon Grace contains ‘Citronella Oil’ which provides aroma. This fragrance is like a mosquito. Flies don’t even come near him. As a result, mosquitoes won’t find you if you have lemongrass around you. And lemon grass doesn’t look bad. All these beautiful tree tubs where families spend mornings and afternoons chatting or spending time with friends. The host is mosquito-free.

Add Nishida and neem leaf powder

Daily use of Nishinda and Neem leaf powder along with washing can get rid of mosquitoes.

Yellow electric light

Let the mosquitoes in the house be reduced, and the electric lights of the house will be made of yellow cellophane. The result will be a yellow light. You will see that the mosquito is cured. Because the torch wants to create a mixture from the light. Also, change the contents and cells. Mosquitoes are generally not attracted to all light. LED lights, yellow ‘bug lights’, and radium lights are all methods. Several periods appeared during the last evening in the interval.

Burn the tea leaves

Dry the tea leaves thoroughly in the sun. Use natural cloud tea leaves as a wash. Smoke from burning dry tea leaves will help all mosquitoes in the house.

Burn the neem leaves

The smoke produced by burning neem leaves in coal or charcoal fires will be effective in killing mosquitoes.

Catnip oil

Nepetalactone in catnip oil is about 10 times more effective than DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide) in repelling mosquitoes. Applying catnip oil will keep mosquitoes away.

fan favorite

A fan of Mosquito Blue is about two miles an hour. Flying mosquitoes repeatedly draw the blades of the Gerbe fan like a mosquito. Mosquitoes can easily enter your home from your sitting area. Apart from the hot weather, you will also get rid of mosquitoes.

Run in black, blue, and red cloth

Run Masha’s favorite colored clothes. What’s going on? Yes, some mosquito species are attracted to dark colors like black, blue, and red. They are also sensitive to heat. So wear colorful clothes for winter.

Uses of Camphor

Mosquitoes cannot tolerate the smell of camphor. You can go to Corporation Tablet to complete the pharmacy. Fill the bowl with water with a small portion of a 50-gram camphor tablet. Keep it in the corner of the room. Immediate success will be achieved. Change the water after two days. Don’t give up. Using this water to clean the house will relieve the pain of ants.

Use perfume

Mosquitoes stay away from fragrances. So, before going to sleep at night, you can put perfume, perfume, or lotion on your body and go to sleep. It can be said that mosquitoes will be seen much less than usual.

Spray the garlic

Garlic spray is a very effective natural way to repel mosquitoes. Mix 1 part garlic juice in 5 parts water. Fill the mixture in a bottle and spray it on the parts of the body where mosquitoes may bite. By doing this, any kind of bloodsuckers will not even come near you.

Kerosene oil spray

Take the kerosene oil in a spray bottle. Add a few pieces of camphor. Shake well and spray the room. There will be no mosquitoes.

Burn coconut husks

Mosquitoes can remove the fibers on the coconut. Dry and shred the coconut husks. Hold a burning match stick in a wooden container. Mosquitoes will disappear within 5-6 minutes.

Stay away from standing water

Make sure that water does not accumulate anywhere. If water accumulates around the house or in the yard, mosquitoes can breed there. So wherever the water accumulates, remove it. Prevent mosquito breeding.

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