Light must be used to see. This natural light business is an artificial one. Interiors should be made in buses that can find light and air. Light on the furniture in the corner of the room.

Only artificial light should be used where that light is present. Nowadays lamps are used to properly illuminate the dining room or corridor area. Different methods can be used on the walls and ceiling of the space by making stick macs to use light. As a result, the part of that part is multiplied.

Artificial light of available energy, such as direct light sources. Indirect light source, ambient light, spotlight, decorative light

Direct Light: A light source that illuminates the circulation room is called direct light. Nothing special is visible in this light. All ordinary people are enlightened. Light falls above. Tube lights are used as direct light sources. Four-foot to two-foot or one-foot-long tube lights are available during the holidays.

Altube light’s light is durable and unidirectional. This results in several mid-shadows. LED tubes are also available which give four times more light than normal tube lighters and last longer. The permanent saver lamp’s name is the Ener saver light. It is a smaller form of tube light. The price is three to five rupees.

Indirect Light: A light source used in such a way that no light source can be seen in an independent photograph is called reverse light.

and lights up. As the shades are similar, a beautiful atmosphere is created in the room. Living room or dining space of the house – direct light is used more. The room has that fake ceiling, and party lights are used indoors.

One of these periods was the use of tube lights for indirect lighting. Currently LED strips are used. The light strip is laid on the designed ceiling or video cladding using an adapter.

Milo Light: Milo Light uses direct and indirect light to surround other environments. This light is used in the general office or reading table.

Posted a video of Focus Light: Also called Spotlight. Ambient lighting can create a ‘light’ setting or draw everyone’s attention.

Focus lights are used in LED bulbs. Placement along common trails is used. Highlighting with this spotlight is done by using lights on various furniture in the room.

To see the light in the corner, part of the shadow. Decorative light: If a light is used as a ground light decoration p, it is a decorative light. Light line design. There are three types of light in the room. Warm white, daylight, cool white.

These types of lights are used in homes. Low-temperature light is called warm light. It gives off a very yellow light. The tantalum ignites, the doctor’s temperature rises, and daylight becomes visible.
Again, when the temperature rises, the light turns blue. Then the flock is called Coollight.

We are using these three types of light. When we use tube lights, we actually use cool lights. Many warm white tube lights are also available. Again, in the case of spotlights, hot spots are being used more.

Deadlight is widely used in various places of the office. Cool light is more used in the kitchen or toilet. Warm lighting is used in dining.

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