Not available for a long time. I wanted to go for a walk. Just after Suryalok Nayan Mela call our four-wheeler Bari Palash Bhai. Even after calling several times, there was no response. Of which Palash Bhai is still taking. Anyway, on the way back to the phone at nine in the morning. Palash could be their brother’s friend on the phone.

Palash Bhai appeared after a while. I went to sleep without wasting time. One Palash brother asked to get into the car. I know, I don’t know. Dhaka is open to know. You can stop to see. We are moving along the highway. Hear me rock the road magic box. I call mobile a magic box. Because it is very difficult to get out of this magic box addiction. The 300-year-old Apple Sri Sri Kalbhairava Temple in Medda, Brahmanbari town was famous for its characteristic magic box piety.

Palash Bhai will go to Brahmanbaria. The description of the Brahmaya Kalvaiva temple shows that Palash Bhai Jana does not live in the house. But it will be known only if you search on the net. Remembering Palash bhai we are indeed in the digital age. We have been on the highway for almost two and a half hours. Proceeding from the people. The work is not finished yet. The car slowed to watch the action again and again. Palash Bhai said the question is from Ashuganj seaport to Agartala via Akhaura. From Ashuganj Sea Port to Sarail Bishwa Road Junction, from Dharkhar in Akhaura. Later it was used in Agartala, the capital of Tripura.

When our car stops in the Medda area of Brahma Bari Sadar, Surya Helan is in the western corner. I remember the ashram in my mind. Pushing the gate a little further, attention fell on the inscription. Written ‘Sri Sri Kalbhairava Natmandir’. While searching for the Kalbhairava temple, Palash Bhai came to the trap. Barefoot we proceeded towards the temple. Got a glimpse of the 28-foot Sri Sri Kalbhairava idol. The head rests on the roof of the temple. Wide Madhya Pradesh is the area of Shiva’s feet and hands. The shoulder structure is broad. The endorsement of the hand is a trident. The greatness of the statue itself cannot be guessed. An unusual preparation led to an agar or aromatic smell.

Talk to the local elder Shibu Babu. He said the spectacular 28-feet-tall Kalabhairava or Shiva statue built-in 1905 is considered the tallest statue of independence in the subcontinent. Statue of Kali near the Baraka statue and Goddess Parvati to the left. Noor Mohammad Kalbhairab, the zamindar of Sarail, donated the land for the temple.

According to tradition, Kasishwara Devadidev Mahadeva created Kalabhairava from his own body and assigned the task of protecting Kashidham. After the appearance of Sri Sri Kalbhairava the local Durgacharan Acharya made a huge vigraha (image) of Kalbhairava out of clay as per the instructions received in a dream. Since its construction, it has been regularly worshiped till 1971 with the help of local devotees. During the Great War of Liberation, the Kalabhairav statue was damaged by the invading Pak forces. Later, with the help of Mahanambrata Brahmachari Maharaj and local people, he re-established the 28 feet high Sri Sri Kalbhairav statue and temple.

A separate building on the left side of the Sri Sri Kalbhairava Temple houses the 105-year-old Sri Sri Kailashweshwara Shivlinga made of solid stone weighing 11 kg. Apart from the Vigraha, this oldest temple houses Goddess Parvati, Kalimurti, Durga Temple, Saraswati Devi, Sri Sri Kalbhairava Natamandir, and two Mutts. Every year on Falguni Shukla Saptami Tithi of Bengal, 4 days long puja, home yajna, fair, and various events of the foundation anniversary are organized here. At this time, the premises of Kalbhairava temple became crowded with pilgrims, devotees, and visitors from different countries including Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, and China. I went to the temple and saw people coming from far and wide. Someone came to fulfill the wish. Someone has come to worship after fulfilling their wish.

According to Sanatan Dharma believers, Kalabhairava is the special deity of Sanatan Dharma followers. The Sanskrit word ‘Bhairava’ means terrible or terrifying. which is a violent manifestation of Shiva. Death and destruction are associated with it. Hence Kalabhairava is considered as the Rudra form of Lord Shiva. Mahadev assumed this form of Rudra to destroy the evil forces. According to Hindu mythology, Vajrayana Buddhist scriptures, and Jain scriptures, ‘Bhairava protects special places in the universe. The total number of Bhairavs is 64. They are divided into eight categories. Each class has one main Bhairava. The main eight Bhairavas are called ‘Ashtanga Bhairavas’. These eight are the lords of the eight directions of the universe. These eight were again controlled by Mahasvarna Kalabhairava. He is commonly known as Kalabhairava.

how to go

From Syedabad or Jatrabari of Dhaka, one can go to Bishwa Road in Sarail Upazila of Brahmanbaria by taking a bus plying on the Brahmanbaria route. You can go to Kalbhairav temple located in the Medda area by rickshaw or local transport from Sarail Bishwaroad.

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