Pain in one or both sides around the jaw i.e. temporo mandibular joint or knob is called jaw pain. It can be temporary or chronic.


* There are many reasons for jaw joint pain.

* Direct trauma to the jaw may cause pain.

* Arthritis of the jaw

* Teeth grinding at night

* Sinus problems

* Gum problems

* Inflammation around the jaw

* Heart attack can also cause jaw pain.

How is the cause of jaw pain diagnosed?

* Taking disease history from the patient.

* Blood tests, joint fluid tests.

* Urine test and biopsy done.

* X-rays of the jaw joint, X-rays of the entire jaw, or dental X-rays if there is a dental problem.

* Apart from this, state-of-the-art tests like CT scan, MRI, and CBCT are performed.

Treatment of jaw pain

Once the cause of jaw pain is identified, the treatment options are:

* Exercising properly for pain relief.

* If it is due to infection then take proper antibiotic medicine.

* Taking anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain.

* Certain medicines can be taken to prevent muscle spasms.

* If it is due to tooth and gum problems then gum treatment with a root canal or tooth should be thrown out.

* If jaw pain is due to a heart problem, heart treatment should be done.

* Mouth protectors can cause pain.

* Calcium or Vitamin-D can be used.

When is the risk higher?

* If mouth care is not taken properly.

* If there is a hormonal disease

* If you have diabetes

* A smoker can cause jaw problems.

* People with sinusitis or asthma are at higher risk.

Surgery can completely cure jaw pain. However, if you want to remove the pain without surgery, you should follow the rules as advised by the dentist. For example, solid food should be avoided.

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