Singapore, the city of the future, is one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia. Singapore is a mix of high technology and many cultures. The area of only 710 km is essentially a city-state, as all its activities can be seen within a city. Be it for business, medical, or sightseeing, Singapore is currently on the travel bucket list of many. So today we bring you some special tips for traveling to Singapore.

how to go

There is no other way to fly from Bangladesh to Singapore. But if you book a flight a little consciously, it is possible to travel at a much lower cost than usual. The best time to visit Singapore is December to June. But outside the weather is not too bad. It is a destination worth visiting almost all year round. Firstly, it is wise to book flights 2-3 weeks in advance. So if you want to visit Singapore this winter, book your flight now.

Another step to booking flights wisely is to compare prices between different airlines. There are significant differences between flights on different dates. Because sometimes some flights are cheaper due to special offers. Again, the same airline may have different prices for different flight times. But there is no such opportunity to determine the best price offline. Goans can check various flight prices online. Find the best flight for you based on your preferred dates and price. Moreover, there are special discounts on various payment methods. If you are worried about the cost, you can avail their 0% EMI facility. This means that payments can be made in installments.

where to go

Singapore has many accolades to its name. This city-state is known to be the cleanest, most well-planned, and in many cases the most entertaining. The “city of lions” has the world’s largest “infinity pool”, the world’s first safari park to see nocturnal animals, and some of the best food in the world.

Travel to Singapore can be started from the famous Changi Airport. The seven-story high fountain in the middle of the four walls is one of the attractions of Changi Airport. The garden around the fountain can be enjoyed again from the hanging bridge. The popularity of Changi Airport is so far-reaching that many people want to spend a long time in the country. If you want to explore a part of Singapore while visiting another country, this long vacation might be the best way for you. Guyana may also check to ensure sufficient time for departure. Their website has a full account of each flight stop.

The half-fish, half-lion “merlion” statue established Singapore as the “Lion City”. The 28-foot-tall statue is located near “Marina Bay” in the heart of the city. Another popular tourist destination in Singapore is the “Garden by the Bay”. There are few such rich examples of horticulture in the world. About 180 thousand species of plants are preserved in this huge garden. Besides, Sentosa Island, the South Ridge area, the Botanical Garden, etc. are among the sightseeing places.

what to eat

Singapore can be called a foodie’s paradise. Singaporean cuisine is a blend of Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Western influences. Famous dishes include “Hyanese Chicken”. The dish is simply made with boiled chicken and spicy rice. The dish is more popular for the accompanying spicy sauce. Next is ‘Chili Crab’ or Jhal Kakra. The crab is fried and mixed with broth made from tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. The food is very popular and delicious.

“Laksa” is another delicacy that has Chinese and Malaysian influences. Rice noodles are cooked in a broth made with coconut milk and spices. It is usually eaten with eggs, prawns, fish, or meat. Another popular term among noodles is “Hokkien prawn mee”. “Sambal” is usually eaten with it. Fried meat called “sat” is also a delicacy in Singapore.

Now is the best season to travel. So plan your dream Singapore tour without delay.

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