Visit the Garo Hills Ghazni Vacation Recreation Center in Jhenaigati, a paradise of natural beauty. Ghazni Vacation Tourism Center has created an area for visitors to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Garo Hills. After the addition of 50 rides, this year’s Ghazni vacation has become more interesting and attractive to tourists. Added to this are spectacular suspension bridges, cable cars, and zip-lining rides. As a result, a new dimension has been added to the tourism sector of the district.

In 1993, the Ghazni Vacation Center was built on 90 acres of land in the Kansha Union of Jhenaigati Upazila, bordering the Indian state of Meghalaya, on the initiative of the district administration. Step by step the tourist center has built spectacular mermaids, dinosaur portraits, dragons, giant giraffes, lotus stairs, lake view pentagon, Patalpuri, elephant portraits, memorials, Garo Ma village, watch tower, etc.

Meandering roads surrounded by barren trees, small and medium hills, and eye-catching greenery are sure to sway nature lovers. The center is gradually becoming popular with tourists and nature lovers due to its mountains, forests, and picturesque lakes. A long walkway has been built across the chest of the hill. You can walk from one hill to another hill on the shore of the lake touching the hill.

As a result, the tourist center has been busy with millions of tourists from home and abroad in winter for almost two years. The resort has an artificial waterfall. A mini coffee shop is being built next to the hut and a stone walkway is below it. About 40 new species of animals have been added to the zoo. A touch of innovation has reached Garo Ma village. One can easily enjoy the tribal village life on the hill slopes and the green life on the horizon by sitting under the mushroom umbrella or on the bird-shaped benches. Here the Bangabandhu and Liberation War Museums have brought innovation and diversity to various vacations.

The history of the Bangabandhu-liberation war has been kept in the museum to inform the coming visitors about the liberation war. Next to it is the tribal museum. The history and diversity of life of the endangered tribals attract the attention of tourists. For children, there is Chukulupi Shishu Park.

However, the tourist center was neglected for several years due to various reasons including Corona. As it is closed especially during Corona, the movement of tourists is stopped. Along with the improvement in the Corona situation, after the launch of the Ghazni Vacation Center, Sherpur District Commissioner Md. Mominur Rashid has taken various initiatives to make the center more attractive to tourists than other tourist centers.

Under this, a suspension bridge, cable car, and zip liner ride have been constructed at a cost of about 36 lakhs for the beautification of the tourist center and entertainment for the tourists. An interesting zipline ride is installed over Lake No. 1 right next to the entrance. A cable car is placed over the artificial waterfall in front. The whole family is going from one hill to another in a car together. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of mountains and lakes from above by riding the cable car.

In the afternoon you can go to the lake by small boat. There are also beautiful hanging bridges to walk from one hill to another. Besides, the children’s corner and district branding corner have also been added to the new plan. There will be pictures, books, and video footage of various historical traditions of the district. And now cable car and zip lining have been added. I was really impressed to see a natural beauty and the history of the small ethnic group so closely.

Abdus Samad, a seller of holiday toys in Ghazni, said that the arrival of tourists has increased after the end of Corona. Our new DC has come and is doing various development works. A few rides have been launched. Tourists will increase due to these reasons. And if tourists increase, we expect our sales to increase. The same thing was said by cloth merchant Masud and others.

Mominur Rashid, Deputy Commissioner of Sherpur, said that Ghazni Vacation Center, a paradise of natural beauty, has been devastated due to Corona. At present, various activities have been undertaken by the district administration to increase the traffic of tourists in Ghazni after overcoming the grip of Corona. Below this spectacular suspension bridge, cable car, and zip lining have been launched. The rides are open.

He believes that these will add a new dimension to tourism and increase the number of tourists. An initiative has been taken to build a cultural center for minorities here. An initiative has been taken to build a hotel in that area for overnight stays of tourists.

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