Hair color is a popular beauty practice that has been around for centuries. It can make anyone more confident and fashionable. Proper maintenance is required to keep it fresh, shiny, and vibrant. Learn about the dos and don’ts of hair coloring to keep your hair color healthy. Here are his details-

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Take time with the first wash: Whether highlight, dip-dye, full color, or under light, it is wise to take at least two days for the first wash after dyeing your hair. Because the hair becomes more fragile after dyeing and in that case, the hair color starts to lighten very quickly after washing.
Hair mask: Hair needs extra care before dying. A good hair mask strengthens the hair. As a result, the hair can absorb the dye better. Benefits of using the mask – Healthy and soft hair is obtained even after dyeing.

Protection from Sunlight: Like skin, colored hair can be damaged by strong sunlight. As a result, the color is likely to deteriorate quickly. Avoid direct sunlight for long periods and use SPF products specifically formulated for hair, says cosmologist Eric Leonardos. Also, cover with a hat or scarf.

Dry shampoo for colored hair: Shampoo with cold water to keep hair shiny and strong. Colored hair should not be overwashed and color-appropriate dry shampoo should be used.

what not to do

Avoid hot water: Celebrity hairstylist Michelle Cleveland says it’s not recommended to use hot water on your hair after coloring it. Because using hot water to wash the hair can open the hair follicles and destroy the natural oil and color of the hair. Cosmologist Leo Izquierdo has a similar opinion.

If not conditioned: Hair becomes dry after dyeing. So deep conditioning is very important to lock in moisture, prevent roughness, and have shiny hair.

Chlorine water: Hair dye chemical solution. So it reacts when it comes in contact with chlorine. This chlorine is found in various sources, such as swimming pool water. Regularly soaking your hair in pool water can damage your hair, making it dry and dull.

Avoid heat tools: Hair dyes and styling products dry out the hair. Avoid heat appliances such as blow dryers and straightening irons. Apart from this, volumizers, mousses, hair sprays, and even gels cannot be used.

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