It is said, to eat like a king in the morning. There is a reason to say that. The main energy to get through the day comes from breakfast. So breakfast should be healthy. Thinking about that, many people make smoothies with different things in the morning and eat them. Others have a light breakfast with only vegetables and fruits. Some eat roti paratha or have milk or milk-like food for breakfast. But what should be eaten in the morning? What are nutrition and weight control? Bardem General Hospital’s chief nutritionist and head of department Shamshunnahar Nahid answered these questions.

Health Benefits of Smoothies
Looking on the internet, many people make smoothies by mixing a few fruits and vegetables or greens. Many people find it very healthy. Harvard Health in the United States has confirmed this. Saying, any food made with a mixture of colorful ingredients is able to ensure complete nutrition. So smoothies made with a mix of colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts, yogurt, and milk are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. However, it is better not to mix everything together to make a smoothie, said Shamshunnahar Nahid. He said many unknowingly make smoothies with ingredients that can be harmful to their health.

After seven hours of sleep at night, it is better not to eat smoothies on an empty stomach in the morning. Do not eat anything particularly acidic. Many people do not think about what they mix in a smoothie. Consuming smoothies with random ingredients can cause colic, gastric, and acidity problems. According to the UK Heart Foundation, the natural sugars found in fruit and vegetables used in smoothies can be high after blending. Many use extra sugar, honey, or syrup; Which is bad for health as well as causing tooth loss and weight gain.

Just as starting your day with a healthy meal in the morning will improve your motivation throughout the day, so will your diet throughout the day if you’re aiming to lose weight. The first thing at breakfast is food from the alkaline group, whose function is to moderate the acidity of the stomach. It can be any sugary food; For example, rice, bread, noodles, oats, etc. These should be accompanied by vegetables that are rich in water, low in sugar, and less likely to cause stomach acid. Non-vegetarian sources like gourd, papaya, jali, potatoes, potatoes, etc. should be included.

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