Along with that various germs start to spread. And cleaning them is quite a hassle. But if you know some tricks, you can easily keep the house clean.


Clean the window glass thoroughly with a little vinegar on a clean cloth. Apple cider vinegar is usually amber in color, so use can cause staining. That is why it is better to use white vinegar. Clean the exterior vertically. Even if there are stains on the window glass, it will not be understood.

If dust accumulates on doors or window screens, germs can easily spread from it.

Artificial flowers are one of the home decoration tools. And the rules for cleaning these are, mix shampoo or detergent with water and wash these flowers or flowering plants with that water and drain the water.

Areas like under the kitchen sink, bathroom corners are the most likely to get dirty as they are always wet. Keep separate dustbins in these places. Dirt will not be scattered.

Dust and dirt accumulate between the tiles and black spots fall Dark spots will disappear and look like new.

Because if you clean the furniture with a wet cloth, its color may be damaged.

Keeping the dining room clean is very important. In this case, take two medium sized lemons. Then spray on the table.

Apart from this, you can mix vinegar and a small amount of lemon juice in water while washing pillow covers, bed sheets etc.

You can sprinkle baking soda on living room sofa covers to disinfect them.

Baking soda contains powerful germ-killing ingredients.

To keep the house fragrant:

Open all the doors and windows of the house for a short time every day. As a result, the sun, the air removes the germs of the house and helps to restore a freshness in the house. Change bed sheets, pillow covers, towels every week.

Lemon leaves and dried orange peels work very well as room fresheners. Mix some dry neem leaves with sandalwood powder and keep it in a corner of the cupboard. The aroma will spread and insects will also be kept away.

If there is a smell in the kitchen, boil cinnamon, cardamom and bay leaf well in water. When the water boils, reduce the heat and keep it in the oven for a while. This will spread a nice smell throughout the room.

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