I left for Barisal by ship at eight o’clock in the night. Traveling companions Rafiq, Sourav, Bashir. The ship arrived at Barisal Ghat around 5 a.m. and Barguna’s tourist friend Arifur Rahman was waiting for us. First, he was taken to Chatanpara Rakhine village. Very nice tidy house. There is a religious shrine nearby.

Its name is Jayarama Srimangal Shani Pagoda. The entire temple is covered in glittering golden color. After the temple visit, I rode a motorbike to Nidra Beach. My eyes widened. Such a beautiful beach sleep. Walk barefoot on beautiful beaches. Durba grass is spread like a green carpet. The beach is naturally indented. When you see the picture, at first you will think that the place is empty of Sitakunda.

But more than that, the view is stunning. Rows of keora and banana trees add to the beauty. We hang the hammock and swing over that wide jump. Nidra Beach is located at the mouth of three rivers Payra, Bishkhali, and Baleshwar. Then I ran to Fakir Bazaar. I can see the shape of modern Bengal. Toasted dates are hanging on the tree at the touch of a hand. Palm tree ceremony. A fleet of fishing boats. In a word, a wonderful rural environment. Had lunch at Fakir’s Hut Bazaar and ran to the beach.

Reach DC Point and cross a small canal to reach Good Evening Beach. Shrubs and shrubs. Sandy beach. On one side is a huge body of water, and on the other is a lush green forest. Extinct sea vines are abundant here, especially on the beaches of Cox and St. Martin. Such a beautiful view brings a lot of peace to the body and mind. Walking in the forest, I saw a forest surrounded by strange-shaped trees. I left the beach and entered the forest.

The further we go, the more haunted our surroundings become. Really exciting feeling. According to local sources, there is no name of this forest in the book. There is an abundance of wild plants.

The Shaila, Keora, Jilapi, Bain, Sundari, and Shishu trees are among them. The branches of the trees are so scattered that the light of day is almost obscured there. Good Evening Beach is about four kilometers long. In between, walk about two kilometers to sleep. After watching the sunset and sunrise, I will pitch my tent there for the night. Reaching Nidra beach I witnessed a mesmerizing sunset. The sunset view from Nidra Beach while returning to Teknaf by fishing trawler from St. Martin is just as beautiful.

Everyone is busy pitching tents while there is still light. I am busy looking for native chickens to barbecue. We danced to the tune of the local kantha sagi song with the crooked moon with the campfire with us. Barbecue the chicken directly on the tree branch. In a moment everyone’s stomach is burning rooster. I fell asleep watching millions of stars in the sky from inside the tent. I woke up and enjoyed the beautiful morning light by the sea and ran on the way to Haringhata. Board a trawler from Nidrabazar. After floating for about two hours, I reached Patharghata.

Jafar, a friend of Jagannath University, was waiting at the river ghat after hearing the news of our arrival. He was very happy to see me. I am also impressed. I got into the auto without delay. Haringhata Eco Park gate is on the way. Entry by paying the entry fee. Beauty natural forest, kora, animals, trees. It is a part of Sundarbans. There are watch towers and scenic footbridges for tourists. There are no wild animals in this forest. But there are plenty of deer, about 50 species of birds, and 20 species of wild animals. Like the Sundarbans, this forest is rich in round trees and root trees.

Board a boat to go to Laldia Beach in the forest. When the boat runs through the canal, it seems that we are going through the real Sundarbans canal, not Haringhata. Beautiful natural environment. After about an hour we got off the boat and discovered a different world. Yes, only travelers can experience the beauty of this world. Without delay, I quickly went down to make Mithali a crashing wave. The ‘O Bhaiyu’ journey of belly churning in natural beauty ended in Barguna district.

How to go: Go to Amtali by Dhaka-Kuakata bus. From there by auto/motorbike to the sleepy beach of Taltali. If you want to go sightseeing, you can go to Barisal/Patuakhali/Amtali by boat from Dhaka’s Sadarghat.

Where to eat and stay: There are no hotels or motels nearby. Tents can be pitched with permission from the locals. Food can be arranged by talking to a nearby fisherman’s family.

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